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I play competitive cribbage on www.gamingsafari.com at night, and use the nickname Mikey51S.  So here's the deal.... I was 51 when I signed up with Hotmail. I'm old as dirt now! I'm sixty eight! Any problems with that?

I learned to play cribbage by watching 2 guys at Westchester Community College play. I got my tush handed to me about 25 times before I won my first cribbage game. Thanks George A., thanks Don W. After that, I played regularly with my father-in-law for hours-on-end. We had a great time - yelling at each other and cursing each other out. What a hoot! 

One day, one of my close chat friends LdyLost (Ellen of Texas) coaxed me into trying cribbage at MSN. She got me hooked. Thanks so much, Ellen! 

Now I can harass you guys on GameSafari!

You can email me at:  Mikey51S@hotmail.com