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Credit Card Theft


First, my Chase credit card was compromised/used in December 2007.
The Chase Fraud Department was very diligent in spotting small but fraudulent purchases on my credit card.
They cancelled the account immediately, issued new cards, and we were back in business.

This evening, January 26, 2008, there was a phone message from the Discover Fraudulent Use group.

I called the 800 number, spoke with a very nice young lady.
My recent charges (yesterday and today) were listed. Fine.
Then she asked if I made recent purchases on airlines.
I explained my wife doesn't fly, so that would not be likely!

Two charges were made. One on LANCHILE Airlines for over $6,000 and another
on American Airlines for almost $400. Also, a charge to March of Dimes.

The card has been cancelled and new ones will be sent to us. Their fraud unit
will investigate, and the charges will be dropped. We are very careful with our charge cards,
and only use a couple. Thank God the credit card agencies are vigilant and doing a great job.

I HATE this crap. I'd love to find the bastards who are doing this, and whip the shit out of them!

It really pisses me off.