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Mayer Feinman has compiled a huge family tree PDF.  The family tree encompasses the following families:


This effort took countless hours of research and documention. His work will always be appreciated by the Stempel family.

PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK to access the PDF file  You will need to zoom in quite a bit to read the entries.

This is just the start. I will include some pictures from Mayer and other resources when I get the drive and time to do so.

 Click on the pictures to enlarge

Sholam Schachner Stempel c 1875

(my Great Grandfather)




Herman Stempel - Pearl Applebaum - c 1890

(my Grandmother & Grandfather)

David Nadelson - Lena Berman & Paul c 1956

(my Grandmother & Grandfather with brother)




Gravestone of Herman Stempel 

Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY




Stempel Family c 1925

(my father is front row)

Stempel Family c. 1960

(the Eastchester bunch)