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March 2000 to December 2008

I  worked in a school in Yonkers that caters to multiply handicapped children. I was the #1 computer nerd there. As a matter of fact, I got called on anything that stuck into a wall outlet or just looked electrical in nature. I was completely at home and at ease at that place. The kids, who are mildly to severely learning delayed and are physically challenged, are a true asset and reason enough to work there. Getting paid was almost secondary. These little critters all have their own personalities. I love them to pieces. You can view the school's website by clicking on this link -  http://www.westchesterschool.org/

October 1998 to March 2000

I decided I didn't want a career in management and wanted to go back to the world of technology.  That is next to impossible to do when your resume is cut to listing 2 jobs indicating 27 years of experience.  It was worse because I hadn't coded in 12 years.  I had several second interviews at CICS IMS & DB2 shops, to no avail. Consultant's 'R Us!  I tried my hand at private local consulting without success. I took a job with IMI Systems that placed me at GE Capital HR unit doing Y2K investigations along with normal development progress responsibilities. I had been out of touch with Donnie for a few years and finally got his email through a mutual friend. Networking for leads, he brought me to his place to do some desktop consulting.  That led to the job listed above. 

October 1986 to October 1998

I went to ISO to gain experience with IBM hardware and software.  I was a manager of a development group for a company that catered to the property and casualty insurance world. My group in Corporate Systems was responsible for doing development for seven user communities, some of which not funded. You can imagine we were put under the gun a few times with users like Human Resources, Payroll, Government Relations, Product Distribution, etc..

During my tenure there, I became friendly with a diverse group of technicians. I learned CICS, IMS, DB2 and various other mainframe tools. I co-managed a conversion of the CICS/IMS payroll system to PeopleSoft client server with my friend Gil. It was quite a learning experience. By and large, my first 6 years at ISO I felt like I was part of a big family - a total unit. 

As time went on and the company started heading from non-profit towards profit making,  tensions began to mount. We had several new CEO's of Development, each with their own unique view of how we should do business. As a result of the changing of CEO's in 1998, Gil and I became casualties/victims along with a number of other co-workers. 

August 1971 to October 1986


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