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Let's start at the beginning....

First there were dinosaurs... then I was hatched 3/11/48 at Mount Vernon Hospital in NY. We moved to the Town of Eastchester, NY in the early 1950's. My sister and her family still live there. I'm the second of four kids. No need to go into their bios. This is MY story!

During my school aged years, I had a paper route, worked in a stationary store putting together the Sunday newspapers, worked in a competitor's stationary/candy store, and pumped gas at two different gas stations, flipped burgers one summer at a beach in Stamford, CT. It was a normal childhood... was in the Boy Scouts for two weeks - until they made me make an Indian headdress. I was gone! Bar Mitzvahed at 13, and never looked back. Growing up in a great middle class neighborhood with the likes of neighbors Diane, Paul, Jimmy, Bobby, Joanne, etc. I learned basic ice skating in Mark Williams' backyard - his dad used 4x4s to create a rink!

Random memories:

more to come!

OK... OK... I know you're dying to say it...  Hey Mikey! He likes it!

I was called down to beautiful downtown NYC (Whitehall Street in the Bowery, to be exact) for my military physical for the draft. I was not inducted because I had braces on my teeth, would you believe? Billy Brown had come back from his tour of duty in Viet Nam and told me I really don't want to go there! So, the next time I was called down for a physical I was not inducted because I was 1 lb. overweight! I don't think I'd have done well in the military.

I usually attended summer school - wasn't the best student. My 11th grade Spanish summer school class introduced me to Donnie - who sat next to me... will continue with that in a bit. I had real problems with Maria Carrera, my Spanish teacher! OK, I also had problems with Miss Conte, my homeroom teacher. I told you I wasn't a good student!

After graduation, I worked in Tuckahoe at 3 places... a liquor store, a place that made seals for everything and finally driving cabs at Tuckahoe Taxi. During that time, guess who I bumped into at the local pizzaria? Donnie! We became friends. And our respective other buddies started melding in. Geezus, one time he even got me to dress as Santa for his family! Our bunch used to hang out in the evenings at Eastchester Esso and the Carioca Bar, and many of us played high pitch softball for many years. It was a great bunch of guys...

In 1969, I signed up for computer school. I told Donnie about it, and since his direction was as poor as mine at that time, he joined me. My first computer job was at Esso's northeastern regional headquarters in Pelham, NY... sorting a rolling rack of cards first thing each morning! What, you never heard of 80 column punch cards?? Damn! Here's one, then!


In 1971, Donnie was working at Westchester Community College and told me there was an opening. Another saga of my life started.

While working there, I met Linda, who has been my wife and soul mate for the past 40 years. We have one son - Jimmy! These two are the core of my existence. Both brilliant... both strikingly gorgeous, both extremely fun loving! Better get back to the story line before I carry on for a few paragraphs of them!! When Linda and I got married, we moved into a garden apartment on Tuckahoe Road in Yonkers. After two years, bought a cape cod house in the Homefield section of Yonkers. We lived there for eight years. In 1982, Jimmy appeared! :)

During the day, our house was a coffee stop for the Yonkers PD plainclothes guys. Linda's brother-in-law was a cop. Lots of iron in the house! YIKES! It was a good neighborhood to start a family. Linda's sister and her family lived nearby as well as her parents. She was content.

I worked with Donnie for 15 years at the college. He left in 1985 or 1986. I became manager of the programmers... but didn't care for the other management. I decided to leave and get a job in an IBM environment rather than the Univac world. Took a job in Rockland County. We bought a house in Rockland in 1986 and moved in April 1987, when Jimmy was four. We paid 2 mortgages for 8 months - learned a lesson, sell FIRST! Linda stayed home raising Jimmy while I was learning & earning new technologies as a manager in development.

I belonged to a company bowling league while at ISO. I became a decent bowler, maintaining a 190 average for a couple of years. Not bad for once a week! Got some ABC patches, had a 743 series once. Life was going along pretty well at that point. Made some very close friendships while at ISO. It was heartbreaking to get released in 1998.

Time moves on... Watching Jimmy go through school was quite interesting. He had a stubborn streak sometimes, which I'm SURE he got from his mom! Linda was the one responsible for keeping him on task with school. She did a terrific job with it. He achieved entry into the National Honor Society, Who's Who in American High Schools, etc. The big thing was getting his scholarship to attend Pace University. Some time during those years, Linda decided to go to school herself to get her B.A. in teaching. She has dual certifications; one in HS English and a second one in HS Business. She got the B.A., Masters and Post Masters with no grade less than an A! Holy GEEZUS!! I married MENSA! She has recently retired from teaching English (to 9th & 10th grade "at risk" students) at Sleepy Hollow HS. Not bad, huh? Jimmy is a chip off the old lady's block! He was dean's list every semester at Pace and graduated in 2004 summa cum laude. He currently is a VP in development working in a premier hedge fund in Greenwich, CT.

Here's a kick in the butt...  My son thinks I'm this guy's mirror image...

  Go figure!

You can email me at: mikey@mikey51s.com